Aljamain Sterling says that if Adesanya gets a rematch, he deserves a rematch as well

Aljamain Sterling statement about his rematch for belt

by Sededin Dedovic
Aljamain Sterling says that if Adesanya gets a rematch, he deserves a rematch as well
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Former UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling talked about his career, his future in the UFC and a possible match to regain the belt. He touched on many things, he talked about training but also about the UFC organization and its director Dana White.

Aljamain Sterling claims that if Israel Adesanya gets the opportunity immediately for a rematch that he should get it too

“If we’re gonna talk about giving instant rematches,” Sterling said, “you give a guy who lost two fights in the same title reign – so he won the belt, he lost (to Alex Pereira), beat the guy, and then came back and lost again to another guy.

So it’s like, how are you giving him another title shot? And then you tell me that I don’t deserve it? That’s all I’m saying. “I’m not knocking Izzy. Izzy, if they give you the title shot, brother, take that shit and run.

But what I’m saying is, how do you get it and I don’t? If the fans, Dana, whoever can justify that to me and I could be like, ‘All right, I can see the point’ – but I don’t see the point”.

Aljamain Sterling added that he has 9 wins in a row and 3 belt defenses unlike Israel Adesanya who has lost 2 out of 3 bouts for the belt. “It’s still 2023,” Sterling said. “I have no desire to fight for the rest of this year unless it was a very enticing offer”.

A man in the video interrupted Sterling at that moment. “Like Sean in December?” he asked. Sterling continued, “But even that, honestly, it wouldn’t even be unless there was some payday incentive or something else on top of that that would make me be like, ‘All right, I’m gonna chill out on the vacation and stop everything and go back to the gym.’ Dude, this is what life’s all about, man: working hard so you could actually enjoy the fruits of your labor”.

as quoted by MMAJunkie.

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