Chris Curtis talks about his injury: “It wasn’t Ian’s fault”

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Chris Curtis talks about his injury: “It wasn’t Ian’s fault”
Chris Curtis talks about his injury: “It wasn’t Ian’s fault” © Jordan Jones/Getty Images

Chris Curtis was supposed to fight Anthony Hernandez tomorrow, but the middleweight contest got canceled because Curtis was heavily injured in a sparring session with the rising welterweight fighter Ian Machado Garry. Due to the rib injury, Curtis was forced to pull out of the event and will now have to fully recover before even thinking about making a comeback.

Chris Curtis wants everyone to stop blaming Ian Machado Garry for the pull out; Curtis recently took the time to explain everything in great detail. The good news is that Curtis is gradually getting better and better; he may fight again in December.

Chris Curtis on his injury

Recently on The MMA Hour, Chris Curtis expressively spoke about the whole Ian Machado Garry controversy and explained how he’s not fully responsible. “Just clearing something up, because I think Ian Garry got a lot of **** for it,” Curtis said, as quoted by

“Ian wasn’t the main one responsible. The day before that I had wrestled, and I took somebody down, I took a knee to the chest when I took him down, just landed weird. So it’s kind of weird, it felt kind of odd, and I was like, whatever, I’ll deal with it.

“So Ian happened to land a kick when we were sparring, it bounced off my elbow, and it just hit that bottom rib that I hurt earlier and it separated the rib, it tore all the cartilage in my chest. It wasn’t Ian’s fault.

Curtis further said: I probably shouldn’t have sparred, but I wanted to help out. It was not Ian’s fault, guys. The guy’s good at sparring, good control, it was just a freak accident that’s probably already a little hurt.

I’m better, UFC insurance plan, stem cells in my chest twice a week for three weeks, so I’m feeling better. I’ve been sitting around on my *** for six weeks just kind of resting, it’s the first time in a few years I’ve just kind of had time off, so I feel good.

I’m going to start practice again today, I’ve been sparring a little bit here and there”.