Mike Perry explains why he will continue fighting in the BKFC

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Mike Perry explains why he will continue fighting in the BKFC
Mike Perry explains why he will continue fighting in the BKFC © Amy Kaplan/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The former UFC fighter Mike Perry is gaining a lot more popularity after stepping into the world of bare knuckle fighting. He faced off against Conor McGregor and Logan Paul on two separate occasions, which further led to a rise in gaining public attention.

Perry has no plans of returning to the UFC due to the flexible contract offered by BKFC. Perry last fought against Luke Rockhold and secured a fantastic win, watch the entire match highlights below: It’s great to see the veteran experience such levels of success because he truly deserves it.

Mike Perry is currently the back up fighter for Dillon Danis vs Logan Paul; Perry is training hard and will show up in case Danis’ or Paul pull out for any given reason.

Mike Perry on his new contract

In a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Mike Perry shared some details on his new contracts and dives into the benefits it offers.

“They made it very easy to stick with them,” Perry said, as quoted by mmafighting.com. “I do really enjoy the boxing and having learned to deal with the bare-knuckle aspect of boxing, already having experience with it and stepping in there a few times against some good fighters.

They made it really easy for me to choose them actually. Perry reveals his purse value:They made it easy to say they were the only choice.I have to say they put about $8 million on contract, I’ll just go ahead and put that out there because **** them, they’ve got to fight me now because I’m ready to make this money".

Perry on the benefits BKFC offers: “Even with BKFC, one of the better perks is I could take a fight like this Logan Paul fight that I might get last minute, they’re not going to pay me quite as much as BKFC is going to pay me, but I was like, it’s just an extra paycheck.

There’s lots of perks in store for me, I just have to stay vigilant and stay on task, stay focused and take it one at a time”.