Raul Rosas Jr reflects on his first ever career defeat

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Raul Rosas Jr reflects on his first ever career defeat
Raul Rosas Jr reflects on his first ever career defeat © Amy Kaplan/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The young emerging fighter Raul Rosas Jr had a bite of adversity in his previous encounter against Christian Rodriguez. The bitter taste of defeat led to a difficult phase as Rosas Jr received a lot of criticism. Instead of focusing on the negatives, he looks forward to growing progressively in the competitive sport of MMA.

Rosas jr aspires to be the youngest UFC champion of the world, and it will be fascinating to see if he can achieve his goal. Rosas Jr will be fighting against Terrence Mitchell this Saturday night. As far as professional MMA record is concerned, Rosas Jr has a record of 7-1.

Raul Rosas Jr on his first UFC loss

During the recent media day, Raul Rosas Jr shared his thoughts on his first loss and revealed that he got more appreciation than criticism. “Everything I’ve said in the past, all the goals I’ve set in the past, nothing has changed,” Rosas said, as quoted by mmajunkieusatoday.com.

Rosas reacts to his first defeat: “Everything remains the same. I meant everything. If you bring up something I’ve said in the past, I’ll still admit to it. I still think the same way. Nothing has changed. I got more love than hate, Everyone telling me since I lost that they can’t wait to see me come back, so I appreciate that, but of course, there was hate too.

Rosas further said: I knew this is how the sport is. Even if Khabib would come back and lose, the fans would turn their back on him. Every time I would go to a UFC event and saw a star of the show, he lost, everyone would turn their back on him, so we knew since we were little that that’s how the sport is, so it doesn’t really matter”.