Jon Jones responded to Cornier's allegations of doping

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Jon Jones responded to Cornier's allegations of doping

It didn’t take long for Jon Jones to respond to Daniel Cormier and tell everyone what he thought of the attitude of his former rival. ‘DC’ has struggled these days to explain why he doesn’t see ‘Bones’ and why he will never actually see him as the best fighter of all time.

The former two-time champion touched on this topic while talking to MMA Fighting, and in his presentation he made it very clear that positive results in doping tests, in his opinion, immediately exclude you from such a discussion.

While admitting that Jones is probably one of the most talented fighters you’ll ever see, Cormier has reiterated several times that he can’t possibly be the ‘GOAT’ of the MMA world. And Jones just couldn’t ignore one such attack.

Jones answered to him

"With USADA, you're guilty until you prove otherwise, unless you're GOAT. When you win this long, then you stay guilty. These are the things that help people sleep peacefully at night," Jones wrote in his first 'tweet' on the subject, so continued: "People will remember that I was accused of using steroids, they will also remember that I was proven innocent and that I was able to pursue my career.

# Facts." "DC, well you were defeated in your last fight and then you gave up the sport. Let's talk then about what it's like to be eliminated from a debate." "Those who criticize you will always try to discourage you from having something they can't have.

DC is a good character, but he will never be considered one of the best." "The man who failed to achieve what he wanted now sits and talks about what I can't do. Well that's ridiculous." "I've lost a lot of times in my life, but the fierce competitor in me won't let me retreat with defeat.

Honestly, that's exactly what I'll remember most about the memory of DC. With the defeat, he gave up on fans, sports and legacy." "Going back after a fall is a very hard thing to do. But it's easy to give up and talk from the sidelines.

DC has absolutely no right to talk about who wants or won't be a goat. # Facts." “USADA has never found steroids in my system and that’s an absolute fact, and most of you would never even check it out,” Jones said, among other things, through a series of posts on Twitter.

The most dominant light heavyweight in UFC history over the course of his career has faced several problems with doping testing, including an incident at UFC 200 that then prevented his fight with Cormier.