Chepe Mariscal opens up about Jack Jenkins dislocated arm: “I kind of heard a pop”

Chepe Mariscal shares his thoughts on Jack Jenkins' injury.

by Aryan Lakhani
Chepe Mariscal opens up about Jack Jenkins dislocated arm: “I kind of heard a pop”
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The featherweight clash between Jack Jenkins and Chepe Mariscal didn’t end so well for Jenkins as he got severely injured and faced a 2nd round TKO loss against Mariscal. Jack Jenkins and Chepe Mariscal were grappling, which further led to Jenkins dislocating his arm.

Mariscal claims that he heard a “pop” yet refused to stop as he was waiting for the referee to make the final call. Jack Jenkins verbally addressed during the fight that his arm was in danger. Hopefully, he recovers soon and makes a comeback.

Jack Jenkins gives an update on his injury

The good news is that Jack Jenkins will be able to make a comeback; he said the following about his recent injury: “Dislocated my elbow yesterday, went straight to the hospital,” Jenkins said, as quoted by

“No fractures or anything like that, but I’m going to need an MRI. They’re a little bit worried about some of the ligaments having ruptured. So, best case scenario, none of them are ruptured, and I can get back pretty soon.

Worst case scenario, I’m going to need surgery but not much we can do about that now.

Chepe Mariscal on Jack Jenkins’ dislocated arm

In the post-fight interview, Chepe Mariscal talks about the moment where he witnessed Jack Jenkins’ injury and reveals his plans for the future.

“I didn’t (realize he was injured), even though I kind of heard a pop,” Mariscal said, as quoted by “Sometimes in training you hear those kinds of things, and you just have to continue on.

But I heard a pop and I went to readjust, and he kept saying, ‘My arm. My arm.’ I can’t stop when he’s saying it. Mariscal further said: I have to stop when the referee tells me to stop. I definitely want to keep climbing the ladder, there’s obviously a lot of names I need to go through, so I can be in the top 10 or challenge for the title. I’ve obviously got to chop some dude down and get my way there”.