Alex Pereira believes Adesanya shouldn't get an immediate rematch with Strickland

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Alex Pereira believes Adesanya shouldn't get an immediate rematch with Strickland
Alex Pereira believes Adesanya shouldn't get an immediate rematch with Strickland © Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

The UFC and MMA world has mixed opinions on Israel Adesanya's next move; some think he should get an immediate rematch against Sean Strickland, and some think the exact opposite. Adesanya's belt has been snatched away from him for the second time in his career; it will be fascinating to see his comeback.

Alex Pereira believes Israel Adesanya shouldn't get an immediate rematch; Pereira backs his statement with valid reasoning; he advises Adesanya to get the necessary break needed from fighting as his fighting frequency is quite high.

Sometimes, rest can play a crucial role in making the much-needed change; a comeback is always greater than a setback. Adesanya wanted to fight one more time before the end of 2023; after the recent loss, it won't be a surprise to see him fight later in 2024.

Alex Pereira on Israel Adesanya’s comeback

In a recent YouTube video, Alex Pereira shared his thoughts on Israel Adesanya's recent loss and explained what he should do next. "Personally, I don't agree," Pereira said, as quoted by

"When it was me, I agreed because I was losing the fight and managed to knock him out in the final round, so it was a totally different situation. That's why he deserved it. But now, Sean exceeded all expectations. Many people who didn't believe now believe.

And hey, if you don't believe, that's on you. But I think he needs to keep going, bring in other athletes to challenge him.Adesanya needs to take a break because he's a guy – man, let's not discredit him just because he lost.

Pereira further said: He's a guy that I think fought four matches in a year. I think he needs to rest a bit his body, his mind to come back refreshed, ready for another fight and then come after that belt again and try something against Sean Strickland.

But with the style Sean showed, I think it's tough for Adesanya to get that belt back".

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