Dana White does not want to punish fighters for homophobic speech

Dana White statement about homophobic speech last UFC 293

by Sededin Dedovic
Dana White does not want to punish fighters for homophobic speech
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Dana White gave a detailed explanation of why he doesn't want to force his fighters to apologize for bad language. Namely, last Saturday at UFC 293 in Sydney, Charlie Radtke and Manel Kape made a series of homophobic insults after both of them had won their match.

“That was flying around a bit tonight,” White told MMA Junkie and other reporters when asked about Kape’s comments during a post-event news conference. “I think these guys get a little excited and they make bad mistakes.

Radtke did the same thing, and you know me: We didn’t run over to him and say you better apologize. He did that on his own. “When he got backstage he was embarrassed and got caught up in the moment. … He felt like he was treated like sh*t and all that stuff, and got emotional and whatever reason”.

as quoted by MMAJunkie.

Dana White doesn't want to punish his fighters for foul language

Dana White justified his fighters and said that it was an adrenaline rush, and the fighters later apologized and were very sorry in the backstage.

White believes that the apology is sincere, but that it would have been better if things hadn't turned out that way. He emphasized again that both fighters apologized, which is the most important thing. These insults caused the anger of the entire MMA public.

“We make mistakes,” White said. “I am not holier than thou either, so we’ve all been in positions where we’ve made mistakes. Like I always say, it’s how you recover from it and how you carry yourself after you make the mistake.

“He came out and apologized on his own free will. We didn’t tell him to do anything, and the fact that he did that means he means it. I don’t make anybody apologize for anything. You do what you want. You’re grown men and women.

You’re able to say what you want. He did it. He was embarrassed and he apologized. I’m sure some people will accept his apology and some people won’t”.

Dana White