Kharitonov revealed what happened before the incident with Yandiev

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Kharitonov revealed what happened before the incident with Yandiev

Russian MMA veteran Sergei Kharitonov called from the hospital and described the attack in some detail, but also the story behind the incident with UFC fighter Adam Yandiev. Yandiev, let us remind you, attacked Kharitonov and seriously injured him at the Battle of Champions event held in Moscow last Friday.

Kharitonov ended up in hospital as a result of the attack, and according to information he discovered himself, he suffered a fracture of the temporal bone and a broken nose. Kharitonov claims the conflict stemmed from Yandiev’s debt to him, which arose from him helping him fund a training camp in Thailand.

He allegedly helped Yandiev afterwards, but once the demands became more frequent, he warned his friends not to lend him money. Retelling the incident from Moscow, Kharitonov revealed to Alexander Lutikov's YouTube channel, according to the portal, that Yandiev asked him to talk outside the hall, and then asked him: 'Do I owe you money?' When Kharitonov answered in the affirmative, Yandiev allegedly insulted him and then hit him with two punches.

The 40-year-old Russian also claims that Yandiev probably used a boxer in the attack. "I felt him hit me with something, something in his left hand. I know he always carries a boxer with him ..."

Kharitonov adressed his fans

Kharitonov addressed his fans, as well as all athletes, via his Instagram.

It is known that people who train martial arts must use their skills only when they need to defend themselves and when they or someone next to them is endangered. Kharitonov also emphasized that, explaining that coaches must be more active in that field "I want to address all professional athletes!

Never use your strength outside of gyms, use it only when your loved ones are at risk. The worst is when people in gyms are specially prepared to commit crimes. Coaches are the ones who need to identify such individuals and to be kicked out of the gym."

Kharitonov, who is an active athlete, suffered serious injuries and the question is when he will be able to return to the ring and start new fights. " I am a trained athlete, and I found myself in this situation. At least for three months I was left without a performance, and there are fractures, bruises ...

Learn from other people's mistakes, "Kharitonov said, and then with a photo. he added that he could be fully ready in about half a year.