Israel Adesanya briefly reacts to the bitter loss: “life throws curveballs at you”

Israel Adesanya leaves the press conference early, his coach Eugene Bareman takes his place.

by Aryan Lakhani
Israel Adesanya briefly reacts to the bitter loss: “life throws curveballs at you”
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The former middleweight champion Israel Adesanya faced a tough loss against Sean Strickland and once again lost the middleweight belt. After getting dropped in the first round, everyone thought it was over, but somehow, the 1st round early stoppage was converted into a 5th round decision win for Strickland.

As an obvious response, Adesanya seemed to be very disappointed and left the post-match conference early. His coach, Eugene Bareman, spoke for him instead and answered the unending questions raised by reporters. Before the recent match, Adesanya revealed that he wanted to show up one more time before the end of the year; however, after the recent loss, that wish of his may not materialize.

Adesanya could fight a top contender from the middleweight division. However, chances are high for him to get an immediate rematch. Sean Strickland was shocked by Adesanya’s performance, and so was Dana White.

Israel Adesanya on losing against Sean Strickland

During the recent press conference, Israel Adesanya shared his thoughts on facing a tough unanimous decision loss against Sean Strickland.

“I had a different plan for this but again life throws curveballs at you,” Adesanya said, as quoted by “Win or lose, I wasn’t going to say much anyway but right now, I lost tonight to the better man on the night.

I just want to go and be with people who care about me — my team and they’re waiting for me so I’m going to do that. Adesanya further said: “But I will leave you in the capable hands of a man who is much smarter than me, I’ll admit this on worldwide national media, I’ll leave you with Eugene Bareman.

He’ll handle this for the first time. I want to go chill, have some breakfast, build my family and till next time”. After the recent loss, Israel Adesanya’s professional MMA record has been updated to 24-3.

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