Ferguson seems to have chosen an opponent for himself

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Ferguson seems to have chosen an opponent for himself

Will we see Tony Ferguson in the cage again by the end of the year after all? That seems to be exactly the goal of one of the UFC’s lightweight fighters. In a message he sent to the public and the UFC, in which he also touched on his rival Khabib Nurmagomedov, ‘El Cucuy’ made it clear that he wants to take part in the main fight of UFC 256 to be held on 12 December.

"UFC 256, the main fight. Dana, you said 2020 was bullshit for many. So let's improve it a little bit again, give them what they want to see. Fans deserve it," Ferguson wrote on his Twitter with a video revealing that for the opponent he wants Michael Chandler, a former Bellator champion who is still waiting for his UFC debut.

I want to compete and I’m tired of waiting on the sidelines. You need someone to push those events before the end of the year. And you have Chandler? Then Chandler for December? Boom, put it in front of me. I'm here waiting.

Ferguson can't wait

And I've had enough of waiting. They call me to come back and save the fuc*ing show. Let's go! My team and I are ready and I don’t care who will be on the other side. Something has to happen and it has to happen in December, "Ferguson said, then sent a message to Khabib Nurmagomedov at the end of his address: "Apart from the fight between Khabib and (Justin) Gaethje, I didn't really follow the events at other events and on this occasion I congratulate Khabib on that.

But at the end of the day, I still want to fight him. I am ready to do what will lead me to that skirmish, and if that means beating Chandler, then let's go with it! " UFC 256 is currently without its main fight of the evening.

It has long been rumored that it will be a match between Kamaru Usman and Gilbert Burns, and then that the role will be taken over by Amanda Nunes and Megan Anderson, but both duels have been postponed. At the same event, Petr Yan will defend his title in the bantamweight category against Aljaamin Sterling, but the UFC has not yet confirmed whether it will be a new 'main event' or this interesting clash will be in the title fight of the evening. In any case, interesting fights await us, whoever will be