Dos Anjos still wants a fight with Conor McGregor

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Dos Anjos still wants a fight with Conor McGregor

After marking his return to the lightweight division, whose 2015 he wore the championship belt, with a victory over Paul Felder, Rafael Dos Anjos was happy to do the interview. The last two and a half months have not been easy for him.

He first was positive on COVID, which led to his cancellation of his fight against Islam Makhachev at UFC 254, after which he was transferred to Las Vegas. There, only a week before the fight, a Dagestani canceled due to an infection.

Paul Felder jumped in, and Dos Anjos accepted the fight against him, despite devoting the entire camp to preparing for a fighter of a completely different style, fighting from a different guard. In the end, he did a great job and took the victory by the referee's decision As Dos Anjos is likely to return to the Top 10 lightweight standings, he has been asked if he has a desire when it comes to an opponent he would like to meet.

Although he is not a man who names other fighters, one name he had to mention.

Dos Anjos wants to fight

"I want to fight anyone who's on my way to the title. I know I still have a lot to give in. I'm 36 and this was my 30th fight in the UFC.

If Khabib really retired, the division is open. Look at the list of fighters and you will see that Conor and I are the only real champions left in the division. There are only a few temporary champions left. If the division really opens, I think Conor and I should fight," Dos Anjos said These two were due to fight in March 2016, meaning McGregor was the challenger to Dos Anjos for whom it was supposed to be his second title defense.

However, just two weeks before the fight, the Brazilian got injured and Nate Diaz jumped in instead, and the rest is literally MMA history. Dos Anjos returned a few months later, but fought for the title against Eddie Alvarez, from whom he lost.

Shortly afterwards, he suffered a defeat by Tony Ferguson, after which he headed into the welterweight category. He returned to the lightweight category with this fight. Interestingly, it didn’t take long for McGregor to respond by recalling one of the most intriguing press conferences in UFC history.

After congratulating both of them at the end of the fight via Twitter, Dos Anjos responded via four photos accompanied by text. "Dustin first, but I'm interested in everything. Getting back to this classic lol. Look at Dan hahaha.

Vintage MMA fun. El Chap!", McGregor recalled at a press conference where he came dressed modeled on Mexican drug dealer El Chapo. And it seems that this way he expressed interest in fighting Dos Anjos, that is, he did not reject that option in the future.