Israel Adesanya: What do I want in my career? Submission

Israel Adesanya about his wishes in the future career

by Sededin Dedovic
Israel Adesanya: What do I want in my career? Submission
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Israel Adesanya (24-2 MMA, 13-2 UFC) defends his middleweight title against Strickland (27-5 MMA, 14-5 UFC). We are all eagerly waiting for that match, which will take place in Saturday's UFC 293 headliner at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney.

Israel Adesanya announced that we could witness his fight on the ground, which will end with a submission.

Israel Adesanya enters the match full of confidence

“Definitely take someone’s breath away,” Adesanya told TSN of his goals.

“I definitely just want to submit a couple of people. I’ve done the Fight of the Night bullsh*t – it’s not for me. I like clean executions. I’ve had great performances, I’ve had shut-outs, I’ve had a loss, I’ve had a comeback – great comebacks.

I think (I want to) showcase my grappling a little bit more, and just take some limbs, take some breaths away”. Israel Adesanya expects that his opponent will surely wrestle, and that he has prepared a special answer to that.

His next wish is to choke someone because he has never done that before. “What do I want in my career? Submission – I definitely want a submission,” Adesanya said. “It might be this fight. I know he’s going to wrestle.

He’d be dumb not to. I know he’s going to try and mix it up. He’s doing this whole thing: ‘Man dance … man dance.’ He’s going to crotch sniff. That’s what he’s going to do”.

“He’s got smart coaches and they will definitely beat it into him,” Adesanya said. “I know they’ve been talking about it and he’s like, ‘What? Crotch sniff? I’m going to box.’ You really think he’s going to box with me? The Pereira fight, I called it.

I told him focus on your f*cking job because he’s going to knock you out. What did he do? He knocked him out because he wasn’t focused on his job. He was focused on me”. as quoted by MMAJunkie.

Israel Adesanya