Gilbert Burns replied to Nate Diaz

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Gilbert Burns replied to Nate Diaz

Since he won’t be fighting Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight title in December though, Gilbert Burns is looking for some performance he could do in the meantime. This way, he is ready to go back to his roots and do a grappling match, and he also has an idea how to make extra money for such an occasion.

Namely, "Durinho" has found a way to deal with a fighter who has been talking extremely ugly about him lately. It is about Nate Diaz, frustrated that the Brazilian will fight for the welterweight title. Burns responded the same a couple of times in a humorous way, but now for the first time he sent out a call to action.

Burns has always been an interesting person and someone who attracts attention with his actions, so this time too he had something to say. It is certain that Burns does care about how Nate Diaz talks about him and if they continue like this, anything could happen and we will continue to be there to follow their quarrels.


"Since my title fight hasn't been arranged yet, let's grappling! Let's see who the real gangster is. Nate Diaz, I'll bet $ 200,000, you invest $ 200,000 and the winner carries it all. Chael Sonnen and the UFC Fight Pass, what do you say?" "Burns wrote, aiming to label Sonnen.

Namely, he would like the match to be held on his Submission Underground. Burns is otherwise a top grappler and winner of various trophies Nate Diaz has not fought since November last year and clashes with Jorge Masvidal for the BMF title.

It is currently unknown when fans might get a chance to watch it next time. Most are eager to see Nate Diaz in the ring again and to feel his energy that most lack

Burns last fought in May, when he won the title fight with a win over Tyron Woodley.

However, he was left without her after receiving a positive COVID-19 finding just before the flight to Abu Dhabi. Burns really was unlucky and surely 2020 is still unhappy for him. The reason is Covid19. Just when he was expecting to get the title it was the illness that prevented him, and we can only imagine the disappointment when he found out he was positive

The fight with Usman was then arranged for December 12, but that time the champion canceled the performance due to injury.