Manon Fiorot wants a fight for the belt

Manon Fiorot won at Fight Night in Paris

by Sededin Dedovic
Manon Fiorot wants a fight for the belt
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Manon Fiorot spoiled the return of Rose Namajunas and stated that this is a difficult division for Rose Namajunas, that she lacks strength. Manon Fiorot defeated and dominated Rose Namajunas at Saturday's UFC Fight Night 226 co-main event at the Accor Arena.

It is strange to her why "Thug Rose" fought in stand-up against her, she did not expect that at all. She thought that the match would go in the other direction and that Rose Namajunas would seek her opportunity in wrestling.

Manon Fiorot talked about various things at the Fight Night 226 press conference in Paris

“I think she’s lacking a bit of power in this weight class,” Fiorot told reporters through an interpreter at the UFC Fight Night 226 post-fight news conference.

“I don’t know what she’s going to do after, if she’s going to stay there or go back, but I don’t think it’s her weight class”. “I knew I was a better striker, so I was pretty sure she wanted to wrestle me,” Fiorot said.

“But it was impossible to take me down”. as quoted by MMAJunkie.

Manon Fiorot is convinced that she deserves the opportunity to fight for the belt

We all agree that Manon Fiorot is one of the best female fighters in the UFC.

Many fans say that she deserves a fight for the belt, but the UFC and Dana White have other plans for her. Most likely, her next opponent will be Erin Blanchfield, according to some sources. Fiorot thinks he should get a fight for the belt, but he has no problem accepting an easy fight against Erin Blancfield.

“To me, I clearly deserve the title shot,” Fiorot said. “I don’t see why I’d fight Erin. But if I have to, and I don’t have a choice, for sure it’s going to be an easy fight for me”.