Jorge Masvidal open to reclaiming the BMF title: “he should defend it against me”

Jorge Masvidal shows interest in coming out of retirement.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jorge Masvidal open to reclaiming the BMF title: “he should defend it against me”
© Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

The veteran Jorge Masvidal last fought against Gilbert Burns and decided to retire; however, it does not seem to be a permanent retirement as he never dodged questioners when they asked about his return. Masvidal openly admits that he could still make a return, and it will be interesting to see if a situation intimidates him enough to come out of retirement.

Masvidal recently addressed that he would want the current BMF title holder, Justin Gaethje, to defend the belt against him. That would certainly turn out to be once in a lifetime of a spectacle; the good news is that it is a strong possibility for the future.

Jorge Masvidal on making a return

In a recent interview with ESPN, Jorge Masvidal spoke about coming out of retirement and wants Justin Gaethje to defend the BMF belt against him. “I think he should defend it against me,” Masvidal said as quoted by

“That’s what should happen. If I was to come back to the sport. That’s a big if, but I never knock off coming back to fighting, because I love fighting. I love fighting. It’s my favorite pastime, It’s my favorite sport, it’s my way of life.

So, I can never say I’m not going to fight”. “I think Gaethje should just stay active really, fight, keep fighting, stay competing, stay fighting the world’s best because that’s what a ‘bad ******** is supposed to do: take them all on.

Masvidal further said: I never said I’m not fighting this guy because he’s a high-level grappler or this guy because he’s a ******* better striker than me. They’re all the same to me. Gaethje pretty much has that attitude, that’s why he’s a bad *******.

He’s not ducking nobody. That guy will literally fight anybody. A wrestler, striker, jiu-jitsu guy. He takes them all, and that’s a big requirement”.

Jorge Masvidal