Conor McGregor regrets not going for the third title

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Conor McGregor regrets not going for the third title

Conor McGregor came to his second UFC title in November 2016, defeating Eddie Alvarez in the main event of the UFC 205 event. Interestingly, today marks the fourth anniversary of that great event, after which McGregor was able to lift two championship belts, as the first fighter in UFC history to do so.

Neither of those two belts defended, as he decided to dedicate himself to boxing and the match against Floyd Mayweather, which brought him the foundation for the wealth he possesses today. Therefore, it could be concluded that the most popular fighter in the world does not regret his decision.

However, he revealed via Twitter yesterday that he thinks that he could have done something else before going to boxing, that is, it seems that from the point of view of sporting success, he is sorry that he did not choose another option.

He was motivated to such a status by the struggle he watched on television yesterday.

Third tittle

"I'm watching just the first fight between Woodley and Wonderboy at BT Sport. I should have gone quickly for that third title.

Before Floyd. But the game is still young," Conor wrote. Of course, he watched the UFC 205 event and the fight that preceded his aforementioned win against Alvarez. Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson thus played a match without a winner, so they repeated their rehearsal a few months later.

Woodley then celebrated with a unanimous decision, thanks to a last-minute knockdown, which turned things around in his favor. It is easy to understand Conor’s intentions this way. That same year, he made two appearances in the welterweight category against Nate Diaz, so the division was no stranger to him.

In addition, under those circumstances, the UFC was willing to fulfill his every wish and would probably agree to give him a chance to win a third title. As for the then champion Woodley, there is no doubt that it would not be difficult to agree with him, especially if we know that throughout his entire championship career he sought a great fight.

In fact, Woodley was among the first to respond to his “tweet”. "You should, you could, you wouldn't succeed," the then champion replied shortly Conor seems to have intended to fight Dustin Poirier, which will take place on January 23 next year, in the welterweight category. But Dana White immediately said that by being out of the question.