Chris Weidman speaks about the injury he suffered in the recent match

Chris Weidman gives an important update on his leg injury.

by Aryan Lakhani
Chris Weidman speaks about the injury he suffered in the recent match
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The middleweight contender Chris Weidman recently fought against Brad Tavares and faced a tough loss. Weidman’s unrelenting efforts deserve a lot of appreciation, as it takes otherworldly mental toughness to come out of a nasty injury; his leg was literally snapped into half, and the first thing that rose in his mind was making a comeback.

Which is why it was really sad to see him lose the match; Weidman fractured his left leg after his recent match. The good news is that he will recover within a month or so. The president of the UFC, Dana White, wants Chris Weidman to retire as he believes Weidman has done enough in the sport already, and there’s no point continuing and causing unnecessary self-damage.

Retirement is far from Weidman’s list of options; he only wants to focus on the positives and recently revealed that he is far from done and will soon make a comeback.

Chris Weidman on his injury

Recently on the Won’t Break Down Podcast, Chris Weidman gave important updates on his injury and revealed that he will be ready in about a month.

“I got MRIs done on my tibia and fibula on both legs, got MRIs on both of my knees, X-rays, and I’ve been waiting for a result – and I got the results back,” Weidman said, as quoted by

“There was no ligament tears at all. So, ACL, LCL, MCL, PCL, all those ‘Ls’ that you do not want to tear because that’s like six months to a year of recovery. God kept me together. The ligaments are good.

“What did happen to me, though, is I have a fracture on my left leg. Weidman further said: So, I guess he broke my leg with one of those leg kicks. … I ended up switching to southpaw and figuring it out. But I’m pretty sure that’s when my leg broke, fractured it.Recovery-wise, it’s not bad at all, Four weeks. Four-week recovery. That’s it”.