Charles Oliveria will refrain from trash talking: “I won’t make that mistake again”

Charles Oliveria will adopt an humble approach for his rematch agaisnt Islam Makhachev.

by Aryan Lakhani
Charles Oliveria will refrain from trash talking: “I won’t make that mistake again”
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The former UFC lightweight champion Charles Olivera is ready for his hard-earned title shot. Oliveira recently fought against Beneil Dariush and absolutely obliterated Dariush in the very first round. Islam Makhachev broke Olveira’s winning streak and became the new lightweight champion of the world on 22nd October 2022.

The rematch, very interestingly, is scheduled to take place on the exact same date and place: 22nd October for UFC 294 in Abu Dhabi. Oliveira believes engaging in the trash talking last year was an awful mistake committed by him.

Oliveira assures that he won't be repeating the same actions again; he is only focused on securing a comprehensive victory and reclaiming his position as the lightweight champion of the world.

Charles Oliveira’s thoughts on the rematch

Recently, on MMA Fighting’s Trocação Franca podcast, Charles Oliveira talks about avoiding trash talking.

He is looking forward to a win and is ready for war. “That’s the only fight I talked crap, the fight against Islam,” Oliveira said as quoted by “I made a mistake. I won’t make that mistake again.

We can only make mistakes once in life. When you make a mistake once, you can’t do it a second time, otherwise you’ll go down nonstop. I won’t do it again. “If you look at all of my fights, you’ll see that night I didn’t fight 10 percent of what I can do.

Not a hater, not an analyst that is constantly saying crap, but people that understand fighting. If you watch everything I’ve said for all my fights, the only one where I’ve [gone outside my norm] a little bit and said some things, talked some crap, was the one against Islam, and I won’t make that mistake again”.

Oliveira further said: “I think God only gives you burdens as heavy as you can carry, and I’m sure God is taking me to Abu Dhabi because he has something different for me. The same month, the same date, once again spending my birthday there.

I’ll work harder than ever to make this happen. We’ll make history, I’ll become champion if Lord Jesus wants. And then, why not — we throw a big party on Nov. 4 in Brazil?”.

Islam Makhachev