Patricio Freire backed Chandler who decided to go to the UFC

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Patricio Freire backed Chandler who decided to go to the UFC

Bellator's lightweight and lightweight champion, 33-year-old Patricio Freire (30-4), will have his first fight in 2020 this weekend. He will fight Pedro Carvalho in the quarterfinals of the Bellator tournament up to 66 kilograms, but he will also defend the title he holds.

But he couldn’t avoid the current topic, and that is Michael Chandler. Freire took the lightweight title from him in May last year, and this summer Chandler decided to try his hand at the UFC. The Brazilian praised his former opponent's move.

Freire on Chandler's move

Freire seems to have serious plans for the future and it seems that he would also decide on the same move just to prove that he is the best "It was a great job for Chandler. He can beat all those opponents there.

He's a great fighter and he has everything it takes to beat them," Freire said during Bellator's press conference, continuing: "To be honest, it's the only real way to find out who's the best in the world in which category, to have fights between promotions.

Without that, we can think endlessly about who's the best because you have no proof that it's you, if you're the best in one I am personally ready to prove that I am the best in the world, not just in Bellator, and I am ready for that exam at any time.

" He thinks that it is a very important fact that Chandler was immediately a reserve for the title fight and that he will fight against one of the best in the world in his first UFC appearance. "It just confirms how wicked the fighters at Bellator are.

A good fighter left us and there's an immediate candidate for the title. It proves what we've actually known for a long time. Bellator's fighters are as good as everyone else, if not better. it's a matter of promotion, it's a matter of fighters, "he explained his position.

Freire has not yet defended Bellator’s lightweight title and it is not known how he could. The most important thing for the promotion at the moment is to finish this tournament, which was started by 16 fighters. Freire eliminated Juan Archuleta in the first round, who became Bellator’s bantamweight champion this year.

If he celebrates in this fight ahead of him, he will have two more exams left to confirm that he is truly the best in promotion. He has held the 66kg title since April 2017, when he won it for the second time.