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Marlon Vera wants the title shot next: "I'm ready to go"

Marlon Vera wants the title shot next: "I'm ready to go"

Marlon Vera is ready for the rematch/title fight against Sean O'Malley and wants it to happen soon.

by Aryan Lakhani
Marlon Vera wants the title shot next: "I'm ready to go"
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Marlon Vera is back on the winning page; his recent fight against Pedro Munhoz landed in his favor as Vera successfully secured a unanimous decision win. Vera is the only fighter in the UFC to beat the current bantamweight champion, Sean O'Malley, which is why a rematch makes sense.

Vera's climb to the top has been a tough one, and he is perhaps just one step away from snatching everything away from new bantamweight champion. Sean O'Malley has partially agreed to fight Marlon Vera but wants Vera to know that it is he who decides his opponent.

O'Malley ruthlessly said if not Vera, he would move on to fighting Henry Cejudo or Merab Dvalishvili.

Marlon Vera on the title fight

In a recent interview with Morning Kombat, Marlon Vera shared his thoughts on fighting Sean O'Malley next and explained why it makes sense.

"After the fight, I just texted Dana (White) and Hunter (Campbell): 'You guys know where I am. I'm ready to go. If there's something to talk, let's talk it out, but I'm all in for (O'Malley),'" Vera said as quoted by

"I'm sure they'll come with something. To me, it just seems like, how do you not do it right now? There's no way they're not going to do it right now. Vera describes Sean O'Malley as a fighter:"Business wise, it's the best time to do it … money wise, eye wise.

That's why I'm not even pushing myself. I don't need to push. It's already served. It's as ready to go as it can be." "Very explosive guy and really strong in one thing, he fakes a lot and moves, and it's kind of awkward. It's not like an easy fake, using his athletics and high level.

He's really bouncy and moves a lot his head. He looks at the other side and punches. You just have to find a way to ignore those things. You have to find a way to not buy into those things".

Marlon Vera