Anthony Smith Reveals His Biggest Career Mistake

Anthony Smith talks about his weaknesses ahead of his rematch against Ryan Spann.

by Aryan Lakhani
Anthony Smith Reveals His Biggest Career Mistake
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The UFC light heavyweight contender Anthony Smith is set to clash against Ryan Spann this Saturday night. After fighting for almost a decade, Anthony Smith came to a conclusion about the biggest mistake he has made. Smith believes his aspirations to emulate the legend Donald Cerrone was the worst mistake of all.

Anthony Smith is unsatisfied with the balance he has maintained between being consistent and inconsistent. Smith needs to break out of the losing streak and secure a few wins from here if he desires to capture the prestigious light heavyweight belt.

Ryan Spann will be looking forward to making the most of the rematch opportunity after facing a tough submission loss in his previous encounter with Anthony Smith in 2021.

Anthony Smith on his weakness

Recently, in an interview with ESPN, Anthony Smith explained why replicating himself to Donald Cerrone’s attitude was the worst mistake he ever made.

“I’ve just always had the mindset that if you want to be the champion you’ve got to be able to beat everybody,” Smith said, as quoted by “I haven’t done that up to this point.

I’ve had some hiccups. Here’s my biggest mistake: I’ve always said that I wanted to be like the bigger version of Donald Cerrone: ‘I’ll fight anybody, anytime, anyplace.’ I’ve lived up to that.

I’ll take all comers. I’ll fight lower-ranked guys. I’ll fight higher-ranked guys. I’ll fight on short notice. I’ll fight across the world. It doesn’t matter. “What I didn’t take into account is maybe I’ve absorbed some of the inconsistencies that Donald Cerrone’s seen at times, where I think sometimes I show up and I can beat anybody in the world, and sometimes I’m not as consistent.

Smith further elaborated:That’s really my issue. I don’t really care who the opponent is, I’m just worried about trying to be as consistent as possible. I’m on right now, and I can be on for two or three in a row.

But for whatever reason, I don’t know if I get distracted or I take my eye off the ball or whatever, then I turn in some stinkers every once in a while, and it sucks”.

Anthony Smith