Khabib Reveals the Mental Mind Games He Employed in His Final Performance

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Khabib Reveals the Mental Mind Games He Employed in His Final Performance
Khabib Reveals the Mental Mind Games He Employed in His Final Performance © Getty Images Sport/Handout

In October 2020, the world of mixed martial arts was abuzz with the culmination of one of the most stellar careers in its history. At the UFC 254 event, the Russian eagle, Khabib Nurmagomedov, took on the formidable Justin Gaethje.

With a dominating performance, Khabib defeated Gaethje by submission in the second round. What followed was not just the end of a bout but the close of a legendary MMA chapter, as Khabib announced his retirement.

Inside the Cage Conversations

Beyond the punches and takedowns, battles inside the cage are as much about mental fortitude as they are about physical prowess.

Recently, Khabib gave us a glimpse into this aspect during his appearance on the PBD Podcast. He narrated an intriguing tale of how he engaged Gaethje not just with fists but with mind games as well. "He hits like a truck," Khabib began, recounting a powerful combination from Gaethje that landed a right uppercut followed by a left hook.

Rather than just absorbing or reacting to the punch, Khabib decided to engage in a conversation right in the midst of their duel. "'Brother, this is everything you have?' I told him, almost making it a conversation inside the cage."

The Jet Lag Strategy

But Khabib's psychological tactics didn't end there.

He leveraged the environment and conditions in Abu Dhabi to his advantage. Understanding the rigors of adjusting to the desert's unique conditions, Khabib, having arrived a month in advance, identified that Gaethje, who landed only a week prior, would be grappling with jet lag.

"I knew what it was like. The desert, it's a different beast. One week after arriving, I was still struggling to sleep. And I figured, if I felt that way, Gaethje would be feeling it even more during the fight," Khabib elaborated.

Using this insight, he taunted Gaethje during their match, reminding him of his jet lag, further cementing his dominance both mentally and physically.

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A Legend's Curtain Call

Whether it was these mind games, his impeccable grappling skills, or sheer will, Khabib's victory over Gaethje was definitive.

While fans might lament the decision of his retirement and wish for a few more title defenses, respect for an athlete's choice is paramount. And with his departure, Khabib leaves behind not just an undefeated record but tales of strategy and intelligence that will be recounted for years to come.


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