Connor McGregor will fight Poirier or Gaethje?

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Connor McGregor will fight Poirier or Gaethje?

What happens to Conor McGregor’s comeback fight? Although there has been a current story for weeks that we could watch the former double champion in the Octagon on January 23 in a rematch with Dustin Poirier, why is there still no official confirmation of that duel? It is precisely this topic that was touched upon by Ariel Helwani, and an article published on ESPN states that the UFC could replace Poirier with Justin Gaethje!

"First of all, let's establish that the fight between Poirier and McGregor has not yet been fully agreed, at least that's what the sources say. So nothing has been signed," part of the text began with Helwani's thinking.

"The problem isn't in McGregor. I've been told he wants to pursue a career. Now, if you've paid attention, you won't be surprised to hear there's a hurdle with Poirier. He's the reason Tony Ferguson-Poirier didn't fight on October 24th."

"And he could be the reason why we won't watch McGregor-Poirier on January 23. That doesn't mean he's doing wrong, he's just trying to reach an agreement that suits him, and there are still differences of opinion on that."

Ariel added, and later revealed that the UFC could turn to Justin Gaethje.

McGregor must agree

"As a result, the UFC said they were willing to replace Poirier with Gaethje (or even some other fighter), so the sources say.

Of course, for that to happen, McGregor would have to agree as well. And, honestly, I'm not sure he will. Why? Because Gaethje comes after the defeat and because he said some things about McGregor (especially McGregor as a father) in the past."

"At this point McGregor could be Poirier's biggest ally.If he says he'll only fight Poirier, the UFC will have to make an effort to resolve the situation with Dustin.But if McGregor says he is open to other options, Poirier could be in trouble."

"Ultimately, I would say that they will find common ground with Poirier and that the fight for January 23rd will be." "It's just speculation, because this can change at any moment. But Poirier might realize that this is too much of an opportunity to miss.

Besides, McGregor wants this match too, so I say we could watch it," he concluded. is Helwani. Poirier or Gaethje, who is your favorite? Both of them are amazing fighters, we will have a great fight, especially if we take into account McGregor, who always knew how to create an atmosphere before the match.