Sean O’Malley becomes the new UFC bantamweight champion after a brutal TKO win

Sean O’Malley won the match in aggressive style and has successfully claimed the UFC bantamweight belt.

by Aryan Lakhani
Sean O’Malley becomes the new UFC bantamweight champion after a brutal TKO win

Sean O’Malley once again shocked the world and impressed fans worldwide with a fantastic performance. Aljamain Sterling was expected to win in this highly anticpated match up but a few vicious strikes from O’Malley stopped Sterling from responding and the referee had to step in and stop the fight.

Sean O’Malley won the match via 2nd round TKO win. Some argue that it was an early stoppage but from the looks of it Sterling was badly damaged and didn’t seem to be interested in fighting back. A new era has begun, Sean O’Malley is now the new UFC bantamweight champion of the world and it will be very interesting to see how long he can sustain the new position.

O’Malley revealed that he was heavily injured and couldn’t practice grappling; undoubtedly if the match went to the ground O’Malley would have much more of a difficult time surviving. Sean O’Malley does have an opponent in mind to fight next and it is none other than the top contender Marlon Vera.

Sean O’Malley on winning the match

During the post-fight press conference, Sean O’Malley revealed the injuries he faced and speaks about it in great detail.

“I haven’t grappled in six weeks,” O’Malley said as quoted by “I had a muscle strain and I literally couldn’t grapple for six weeks. (I) couldn’t MMA spar. I was the main event in Boston.

There was no chance I was pulling out. But we haven’t grappled in six weeks. Six weeks (ago) today, I had a muscle strain right under my rib and I couldn’t grapple. So coming into this fight and fighting Aljo, when I did interviews, I was saying, ‘Life or death: I cannot get taken down,’ because I didn’t know if (the injury) would hold up – and it’s sore right now.

O’Malley further said: “My main goal was to not let him take me down, and I knew if I could keep it on the feet, I could knock him out, I thought he was way too confident that he could just come in and grab me.

I don’t know if he’s ever sparred someone as good as I am, or fought someone as good as I am. I truly believe I am a level above most people in the striking department”.

Sean O’malley