Zhang Weili wants to ‘fight like water’ against Amanda Lemos

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Zhang Weili wants to ‘fight like water’ against Amanda Lemos
Zhang Weili wants to ‘fight like water’ against Amanda Lemos

The women’s UFC strawweight champion of the world, Zhang Weili, is set to defend her hard-earned belt against the competitive title challenger Amanda Lemos. It is featured as the co-main event for the UFC 292 card. Weili is far from being arrogant and overconfident as she recognizes the threat Amanda Lemos can turn out to be and looks forward to winning the match in seamless fashion.

It is worth knowing that Amanda Lemos has only tasted defeat twice in her UFC career, Lemos is currently on a 2 match winning streak, and it will be very interesting to see if she is successful in extending it this Saturday night.

Lemos is one step away from being crowned as the new champion; her fight against Zhang Weili promises to be explosive, and fans worldwide will be tuning in to catch the action.

Zhang Weili on her title defense

During the recent media day, Zhang Weili shared her thoughts on Amanda Lemos as a fighter and explained how her fight is more relevant in China compared to the U.S.

“Lemos is good – I admit she’s a very good fighter,” Weili said, as quoted by mmajunkie.usatoday.com. “She’s aggressive, and her fighting style, she possess the knockout power. So do I. And what I want to showcase more in this fight is to fight like water.

I can fight very flowing, smooth and seamless. I can be water. Just wrap her up. And if she makes any tiny mistake, I can catch it and finish her”. Weili talks about receiving less attention for the co-main event: “I don’t feel that way, what I feel is actually a lot of people focused and concerned on my fight, especially in China.

A lot of people follow this fight and want to watch this. Maybe in the U.S., maybe more people are more concerned about O’Malley and Sterling’s fight, but I do feel there’s a lot of people that will watch our fight. Let’s see Saturday in the octagon, then we will will have the answer”.