Jake Paul wants UFC to change the minimum fighter's pay to $50,000

Jake Paul explains why the UFC should change the minimum fighter's pay.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jake Paul wants UFC to change the minimum fighter's pay to $50,000

Jake Paul's quest to fight for UFC fighter's minimum pay hasn't dimmed yet; he wants UFC to change the minimum fighter's pay from $12,500 to $50,000 and pay for health insurance and other treatment costs. Jake Paul has gone back-forth with UFC's president Dana White on several occasions, but those heated arguments led to nothing.

In spite of receiving so much criticism and the crowd highlighting the 'unfair pay' problems, according to Jake Paul, there hasn't been any action taken to improve the fighter's pay. Dana White does not have any animosity for Jake Paul, and Paul recently confirmed the same.

Logan Paul and Dana White are on great terms, especially after Prime became the official sports beverage for the UFC.

Jake Paul on minimum fighter's pay

Recently on Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson, Jake Paul expressed how he feels about Dana White and explained why the fighter's minimum pay should increase from $12,500 to $50,000.

"I don't hate him either, I just want him to pay fighters more," Paul said, as quoted by mmajunkie.usatoday.com. "You know, now that the company is making billions of dollars a year, and the fighters are only getting 15 percent of it.

That's really where all of it stems from, is wanting higher fighter pay and long-term health care for the fighters. "Obviously, we've gotten into these exchanges that muddies the purpose of why I've argued with him. You know, he throws out the fights are rigged, he's on steroids; then I say something back about him being bald and ugly.

It gets too messy and then we start going back and forth". Paul further said: "The fighter minimum in the UFC is $12,500. It should be at least $50,000," Paul said. "If they made it $50,000, that would change the smaller fighters' lives in a big, big, big way.

They wouldn't have to work other jobs, they could afford gym fees, they could afford the proper food. Right now, they're working other jobs barely scraping by.

Jake Paul