Ben Askren eagerly waiting for Masvidal rematch: “I’ll rub his face in the ground”

Ben Askren explains why Masvidal won't agree to fight him.

by Aryan Lakhani
Ben Askren eagerly waiting for Masvidal rematch: “I’ll rub his face in the ground”

Ben Askren seems to be very serious about having the rematch with Jorge Masvidal, and in spite of Masvidal offering the easier route - a boxing match, Askren continues to show a lack of interest and adamantly wants the rematch to happen in MMA.

In their first encounter, Masvidal was successful in securing the fastest knockout against Ben Askren in the history of UFC. Unfortunately, Ben Askren did not get a chance to perform and firmly believes that he will easily claim a win if he ever fought Masvidal again.

Askren thinks Masvidal fears being embarrassed; it will be very interesting to see how Masvidal responds to these tall claims. The event will undeniably be of massive success, and fans will be hoping for this match to translate into reality.

Ben Askren on fighting Jorge Masvidal

Recently on Daniel Cormier’s show, the former UFC fighter Ben Askren expressed his inclination to come out of retirement to fight Jorge Masvidal for the rematch and explained why Masvidal won’t accept the rematch in MMA.

“That’s why he won’t do it," Askren said, as quoted by “So he’s not scared of fighting and he’s not scared of the pain, right? But there’s multiple fears. What he’s scared of is being embarrassed.

Right? I’ll pull his hair, I’ll rub his face in the ground for about 15 minutes and leave him with some mat burns here. He’ll be real embarrassed”. “There’s lots of fears we can have in life, we, as men, Daniel, we can have lots of fears.

Askren further said: I’ll tell you what I’m scared of — I’m scared of snakes. I’m scared of sharks. I won’t go in deep water, I don’t mess with them sharks, that’s their house.

Right? Jorge Masvidal, he’s not scared of a fight, he’s not scared of a physical altercation. He’s scared of being embarrassed and losing status, that’s what he’s scared of”.

Ben Askren