Jake Paul wants to fight against Nate Diaz in the PFL

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Jake Paul wants to fight against Nate Diaz in the PFL
Jake Paul wants to fight against Nate Diaz in the PFL

After winning a boxing match against Nate Diaz, Jake Paul doesn't want to stop there. His ambitions are much bigger, and he always sets a higher goal for himself. Namely, in an interview with the media, Jake revealed that he wants to fight Nate Diaz in the PFL, according to MMA rules.

Given that no boxer has ever done the same, Jake Paul wants to be the first to do it. “It’s real,” Paul told MMA Junkie. “I’ve always been real about it. I want to make history by going to MMA and making it a massive event.

No boxers go over to MMA. The MMA fighters go to boxing. I want to respect their sport. I grew up as an MMA fan. In the PFL SmartCage, the offer is there. If he accepts it, you’re going to see me throw elbows and kicks”.

Jake Paul: It’s time for me to go into the cage

Jake Paul thinks that the time has come for him to come to the cage and show that he is a versatile fighter. It will be a huge challenge for him, given that he hasn't had the chance to find himself in the cage so far.

Many are interested in how this young Youtuber-boxer will manage in such a role. “I think that’s it,” Paul said. “I think that’s it. Now it’s time for me to go into the cage and into their sport and into their realm.

Hopefully they’ll respect that. I’m down to learn a new craft. I think I’m going to be amazing at it”. Since arriving on the boxing scene, Paul has faced many doubts and criticisms. That didn't sway him.

“They’ll say it’s rigged,” Paul said. “They’ll say he got paid to take a dive because they won’t even believe it. I’m going to show them the impossible and prove to the kids out there that you can do anything if you’re crazy enough”.

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