Aleksandar Rakic ​​wants to fight against Teixeira

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Aleksandar Rakic ​​wants to fight against Teixeira

Aleksandar Rakić followed with great interest the main fight of this morning's UFC event, where Glover Teixeira once again convinced all those who did not believe him. After a little less than two minutes of the third round of the fight, in which he dominated most of the time; twice found in trouble, celebrated against Thiago Santos.

This victory will unquestionably put him at the top of the list of challengers in the light heavyweight category, which until a week ago would have been enough to attack the title, ie to fight Jan Blachowicz. However, due to the circumstances, ie after the intention of the UFC to attack Israel Adesanya, the 41-year-old Brazilian will find himself in an unenviable situation.

Shortly after the fight, Aleksandar Rakić offered him a solution via his status on Twitter. "Hey Glover Teixeira, you did a great job against the hitter. If you want to wait the next ten months for your chance, feel free old man choose that and wait.

If you want to retire as a legend with a tough fight against me, call Mick Maynard and see you in March ", with style and without ugly words, wrote the Serbian-Austrian light heavyweight Rakic ​​was better than Anthony Smith in his last fight, and he is in fourth place in the official category rankings.

Through social media, he recently rejected the idea of ​​fighting Jiri Prochazka, who was eventually paired against Dominic Reyes. After that, from the comments on Instagram, it was easy to conclude that Rakić and his team were looking at Reyes, and after being left without the desired opponent, Teixeira seems to be the best choice.

Especially if what the UFC is announcing really happens, which would actually be an injustice to Teixeira, but also to Robert Whittaker in the middleweight division.


For Teixeira, this win was the fifth in a row, and the series started in circumstances where most had already written him off.

He built the streak on wins in fights where he would enter as an outsider, something like the path Blachowicz climbed to the top category. Against the Poles, probably no one would write him off at the beginning. And what would it look like against Rakic? It would not be bad to make sure through the fight… We should find out soon whether Teixeira will respond to Rakic's offer.

If Teixeira spoke up and accepted the fight, the match would be really interesting to watch and we have no doubt that it would be a real spectacle for the spectators.