Glover Teixeira wants to win the title

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Glover Teixeira wants to win the title

An impressive performance and victory by suffocation in the third round is the epilogue of Glover Teixeira's fight against Thiago Santos, the main fight of UFC Fight Night 182. The 41-year-old Brazilian managed to get through serious problems, keep his composure and celebrate in another fight.

started as an outsider. He got to know the strength of his compatriot's blow, but he endured and showed his mental strength and unquestionable great fighting quality. "His nickname is a hammer and it really suits him, his every blow is like hitting you with a hammer.

I don't know if I have any broken bones on my face, it's possible. It was great to fight him." "I had top preparations and I would like to thank you to his team, ”Teixeira said after the fight, in an interview with reporter Jon Anik.

At the start of the third round, he received a right crochet after which he ended up on his back, and shortly thereafter in a difficult exam as Santos set out to finish the fight. He was asked about that moment and how he managed to settle down in his head, wait for his chance and return the fight to the previous track, and shortly after that finish it.

"It seems to have been a knockdown, but I was also caught a little out of balance. I didn't get lost, I was aware of everything going on all the time, but his ground n 'pound was nasty, he was very aggressive."

"He hit good blows, but I managed to endure and come back. I knew it would be easier for me after he did some of his stronger blows and thus got tired, "he described the moment, but also his own ending the fight.


It is obvious that after this fight he will take the place of the first challenger in the official rankings, but he cannot be sure that he will be the next fighter who will be attacked for the title. Over the past week, Israel Adesanya has joined in somewhat unexpectedly.

"Dana White, come on man, you have an old man here and give him a chance. Should I wait for Adesanya? Five wins in a row, against great fighters, it's not easy to do. Give me that title fight." "But first of all.

I'm glad is that I'm here and that I have the opportunity to do this. In the end, Rocky Balboa's statement was confirmed. It's not a matter of how hard you can hit, but how many blows you can receive and keep going forward, "concluded this experienced fighter.