Renato Moicano believes Paul Craig is a “terrible” fighter

Renato Moicano shares his thoughts on Paul Craig.

by Aryan Lakhani
Renato Moicano believes Paul Craig is a “terrible” fighter

Renato Moicano has nothing but bitter words for Paul Craig, and he backs his statements with detailed reasoning. Paul Craig very recently moved down from the light heavyweight division to the middleweight division and had a fantastic debut as he was successful in securing a 2nd round knockout win against Andre Muniz.

In spite of that, Moicano cannot see the ‘terrific’ fighter Paul Craig is and believes that he would be absolutely battered by the top contenders from the middleweight division. Paul Craig thinks quite the opposite; Craig believes he has the ability to finish anyone from the middleweight division with his grappling dominance.

After a successful middleweight debut, Paul Craig could fight a well-known opponent from the division for his next match, and it will be interesting to see who the UFC matches him up against next.

Renato Moicano on Paul Craig

Recently on the MMA Hour, the lightweight contender Renato Moicano shared his thoughts on Paul Craig and, in great detail, explained why he thinks Paul Craig is a terrible fighter.

“Man, Paul Craig is terrible,” Moicano said, as quoted by “I know you guys are going to roast me for saying that, but he’s ****** terrible. Even his top position in the first round, he got reversed very easily.

I think what happened in this fight is ‘Sergipano’ is a jiu-jitsu player, too, so he sat in the guard and stuff. Moicano further said: But Paul Craig’s standup is terrible. “Bo Nickal would destroy him, Khamzat would destroy him.

I know you guys like that kind of stuff, but let me tell you something, he’s terrible. I thought he would lose, and he was losing the fight. They got a scramble or something like that, I don’t remember what happened, but he got on top, and he won by TKO. But make no mistake, he’s terrible”.