Israel Adesanya revealed to the public that he uses weed

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Israel Adesanya revealed to the public that he uses weed

Israel Adesanya completely dominated Paul Costa at the end of September, inflicting his first defeat on the Brazilian and defending his middleweight title for the second time that evening. While Izzy’s fantastic performance was what was most talked about after the UFC 253 show, a good portion of the media space also got the unusual look of his right pectoral muscle.

Adesanya is a brave fighter and did not want to give up the fight for anything, so he did not want to be tested for his muscles at all. "It's been in me and growing for the last eight weeks. Even the girl told me to see a doctor, but I wanted to do this fight first," Adesanya said at the time, dismissing all allegations of steroid use.

The current UFC champion has recently touched on this topic again and talked to ESPN in some new details. Adensya surprised the public when he said what his lifestyle was and what he used to be better. It's not steroids or hormones, it's weed.

Adesanya seems to achieve calmness through weed, but this is not surprising given that we know how many athletes today use weed as a means of calming or lifting mood.


"My pituitary gland has been checked, my hormone levels are fine, estrogen and testosterone.

We did an ultrasound and a mammogram. To be honest, it may be due to a slightly unhealthy lifestyle. For example, smoking weed. That's what the UFC doctor told me. "He said I have to stop, but it's not going to happen.

I'm just going to cut back a little bit with that," Adesanya said, responding again to accusations by those who believe it was due to taking steroids. “It calmed down,” he first said of the swelling. "It's just a fat layer.

And after a performance like that, I'd think I was on steroids too. It was amazing. What I just did to that character ..." commented Israel, who should attack Jan Blachowicz in his next performance and his light heavyweight title.

Adesanya is a great fighter and could ruin his career with an unhealthy lifestyle like many before him. However, this will not happen for now. Adesanya achieves great results and is a great fighter. We don't know how long he will last on the scene, but it is certain that an unhealthy lifestyle can shorten his career or completely destroy him. We hope that it will not happen after all and that we will watch him for a long time