Ben Askren slams Masvidal’s offer to box, wants the rematch in MMA

Ben Askren wants the rematch with Jorge Masvidal to happen in MMA not boxing.

by Aryan Lakhani
Ben Askren slams Masvidal’s offer to box, wants the rematch in MMA

Ben Askren and Jorge Masvidal have been part of one of the most iconic moments in the history of the UFC. Not a positive one for Ben Askren as he got brutally knocked out in less than 10 seconds; an explosive knee kick is all it took Masvidal to finish Ben Askren and wish him ‘night night’.

Recently, Jorge Masvidal proposed an offer for a rematch, and to make it fair, he suggested the rematch in boxing, but shockingly Ben Askren wants vengeance without any sympathy and wants to take the harder path. Both fighters are currently retired, and Askren is ready to come out of retirement If Masvidal agrees to an MMA match.

Here’s exactly what he said in an Instagram post: “I’ve kept in great shape during retirement. I have zero desire to fight anyone except that loser Jorge”.

Ben Askren reacts to Jorge Masvidal’s statement

Jorge Masvidal is not really interested in having a rematch in MMA and expects Askren to say yes to a boxing match.

“Look, Ben, I’ll only give you the rematch in boxing, [expletive],” Masvidal said, as quoted by “People will tune in because I can’t knee him in the face, right? Maybe Ben can ‘get his way now.’ Hey, Ben, kiss my ass.

You coming out of retirement, I’ll send you right back into it, [expletive]. This guy, bro. They shouldn’t have shown me that comment, you corny [expletive]”. Ben Askren is also pretty adamant about having the rematch in MMA and said the following in response to Jorge Masvidal’s statement: “No I’m not gonna box Jorge.

If Jorge was really a BMF he will accept a rematch in MMA and not be a coward”. Perhaps Ben Askren is holding back from boxing again because of his unsuccessful debut against Jake Paul.

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