Sean Strickland is ready to fight Israel Adesanya: “We’re in talks”


Sean Strickland is ready to fight Israel Adesanya: “We’re in talks”
Sean Strickland is ready to fight Israel Adesanya: “We’re in talks”

The next middleweight battle for the prestigious belt is most likely going to be between Israel Adesanya and Dricus Du Plessis, but Sean Strickland is trying to step in and interfere; however, he seems to be more money-driven as he wants to get paid the right sum if he were to fight Israel Adesanya next.

He believes fans are not looking forward to Adesanya vs Du Plessis, but that’s an unfair thing to assume because the two would be facing each other for the first time, and that’s what makes the fight super interesting to watch.

Dricus Du Plessis is undefeated in the UFC, and he is in for the greatest challenge of his career. Can Israel Adsanya defend his hard-earned belt? We will soon find out.

Sean Strickland on fighting Israel Adesanya

Recently in an interview with Helen Yee, Sean Strickland revealed that he is in talks for a fight with the middleweight champion Israel Adesanya and explains under what circumstance he would be willing to fight him.

“We’re in talks,” Strickland said, as quoted by “Like I said, it just comes down to just pay me. Let me ask you guys, do we really want to watch Dricus and Izzy fight? No. We don’t want to watch Dricus and Izzy fight.

You want to watch me fight. Am I going to win? I don’t know, but I’m going to go in there and punch that Chinese right in the face”. Strickland further said: “I don’t think Dricus is that good, I think Izzy beats Dricus, (but) I understand Dricus, I understand you, Dricus.

It is very natural to just fight, and I just fought like a week before you, and then be like, ‘Hey, you want to fly across the world to fight a guy on seven weeks notice?.’ It is very natural to say, ‘I might not want to do that.’ “But I’m a man, and I’m not a ****** ****.

If you pay, I have a price. You pay me money, and I’ll fight him right here. So you know, unlike Dricus, who’s a smarter man, the true African that he is, I am not. You pay me, and I’ll fight right here”.

Sean Strickland Israel Adesanya

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