Audie Attar shares important update on Conor McGregor's return

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Audie Attar shares important update on Conor McGregor's return
Audie Attar shares important update on Conor McGregor's return

The CEO and founder of Paradigm Sports Audie Attar, is aware of Conor McGregor's ongoing situation with USADA and recently shared some positive news. As we all know by now, Conor McGregor is expected to make his much awaited comeback against Michael Chandler; Audie Attar reveals when, and it will be interesting to see how accurate his estimations turn out to be.

However, one thing is certain Conor McGregor's return is close, closer than we think. McGregor received a lot of criticism for not showing up for the USADA tests, mainly because he kept hinting at his return on Twitter but failed to walk his talk.

Audie Attar on Conor McGregor's return

Recently in an interview with MMA Junkie, Audie Attar spoke about Conor McGregor's return and revealed the timeframe in which he is most likely going to make his comeback. "One of the things everybody forgets is that Conor was one of the most tested athletes when he was competing, and we're going about things the right way," Attar said, as quoted by

"We're in active discussions with the UFC, we've spoken to USADA, and we're going to do things the right way. "That's all I'm going to say about that. The thing about Conor McGregor is, people will speculate and stories run wild that are nine times out of 10 very inaccurate and false, so that's all I'll say about that.

Attar further said: But certainly, he's looking for a comeback in 2024". "You can't rule out the end of the year, but I think just in terms of where we are right now in terms of the date, it's likely going to be 2024, I think that's what the UFC has their sights set on so, we'll see kind of exactly when that will be".

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