Costa thinks he should have postponed the match with Adesanya

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Costa thinks he should have postponed the match with Adesanya

Paulo Costa returned once again to UFC 253 and an evening in which he was completely dominated by reigning champion Israel Adesanya. The Brazilian knockout player disappointed many fans with a performance in which we did not see almost anything from him that was expected from the announcement of the match.

And shortly after the end of that skirmish, Costa mysteriously said that "something happened before the fight" At that moment, it was not clear to anyone what 'Borrachinha' meant by that. It was only a few days later that his manager Wallid Ismail came forward and admitted that "from a tactical point of view it was not a good performance", but also revealed that his fighter had not "rested enough" on the last day.

Now, more than a month after UFC 253, Costa has finally spoken out about the alleged problems and revealed what actually ‘held him back’ in one of the most anticipated fights of the year. Paulo explained that in addition to sleep problems, he also had leg problems.

He did not go into detail, but in an address on his YouTube channel, he also revealed that he is currently "working on contracting his fight with Robert Whittaker" Costa only revealed new information about the events before the match with Adesanya when a fan asked him why he doesn't use his jiu-jitsu skills more often in the Octagon.

Postponed match

Paulo Costa is unhappy with his decision and it looks like he will regret it for a long time. He believes that the match should have been postponed and that the outcome would certainly have been different.

"Maybe I could have fought Adesanya, but a lot happened before that match. I don't want to talk about it because it may sound like I'm looking for excuses, but I didn't fall asleep and my leg was totally weakened.

I shouldn't have fought, I should have I postponed that match for a weekend later, maybe even further, "the Brazilian complained. Costa still wants a rematch with Adesanya and despite the events at UFC 253 believes he has everything he needs to dethrone the current champion.

Still, Costa doesn’t seem impressed with Adesanya and his performance "He's agile and fast, but he didn't convince me ... It's hard to talk now. I lost to him and I may not be right, but I can say whatever I want. He didn't convince me that day. We can fight 10 times and all 10 times will be different, ”Costa concluded.