Israel Adesanya reacts to his face-off with Dricus Du Plessis

Israel Adesanya shares his thoughts on the heated faceoff with Dricus Du Plessis

by Aryan Lakhani
Israel Adesanya reacts to his face-off with Dricus Du Plessis

The UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya recently faced off with Dricus Du Plessis, and it was pretty intense. Du Plessis successfully beat Robert Whittaker and is now one step away from fulfilling his goal of becoming the new champion.

Adesanya is expected to fight next in September, and he will be defending his belt against Dricus Du Plessis; the match is appealing because the two haven’t faced each other in the ring before, and it will be very interesting to see if Du Plessis can snatch the precious middleweight belt from Israel Adesanya.

Their animosity will definitely lead to entertaining trash talking; let’s see how soon the UFC can announce this match officially.

Israel Adesanya’s thoughts on the face off

Israel Adesanya recently uploaded a youtube video to address how he felt about the heated exchange with Dricus Du Plessis in the octagon and revealed that the face-off infuriated him.

“He worked hard,” Adesanya said, as quoted by “I manifest for myself and I make sure I do the work to get that manifestation right. It’s not just sit there and ‘Kumbaya.’ What’s going to happen? I do the work.

Trust me: There’s levels … Even at the prep point, I was giving him energy. Like **** yeah – positive affirmations, like ‘Let’s go.’ But yeah, when (the faceoff) happened, I just lost my ****”.

“After my last fight (against Pereira), I grabbed the mic. People say it’s the best post-fight speech in history of the company, ever, I grabbed the mic after his (Du Plessis) fight and people feel like, ‘Ah, it’s cringe.’ Bad look.

Adesanya further said: “When I grab the mic and I really speak from the heart, or speak from my gut, I really make you feel something. Whether you love me or hate me, you will feel something. I want to make him feel me.

He doesn’t understand. … People say I turned heel. It’s not heel. I can just feel myself switch and the beast comes out”.

Israel Adesanya