Francis Ngannou's representative: Ngannou vs Jones is still an option

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Francis Ngannou's representative: Ngannou vs Jones is still an option
Francis Ngannou's representative: Ngannou vs Jones is still an option

Despite many hopes, the match between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou did not take place. There are few who are optimistic about the potential chances in the future. Ngannou's representative, Marquel Martin, spoke to The MMA Hour and caused optimism among fans of both fighters.

The two UFC legends could face off in the future, according to Martin. “I think it’s still a possibility,” Martin said. “I know sometimes, maybe, cooler heads prevail. I’m hoping that Dana somehow sees this.

Like, we want to make that fight. Like, lets do that fight! The world deserves and wants to see that fight. Again, he’s one of the greatest promoters out there. We are not the ones saying no to that fight. Just know that."

Jon Jones

There was already a lot of talk about the match with Jon Jones.

However, the UFC seemed to have other plans, and they wanted to offer something completely different to the audience. Martin also wanted to go in order. But his wishes did not become reality. “These conversations are not new.

They are two years at least in terms of talking to the UFC about making this fight happen. After Stipe, it was supposed to be Jon Jones. I tweeted something long ago, I literally wrote it down: I said Stipe, [then we’re] gonna take care of Jon Jones, then we’re gonna go for Tyson Fury.

In that order. But, they had their own plans and their own strategy and for whatever reason they didn’t want to make it happen”. Many hoped that Ngannou might get a chance from White to try his hand at boxing. The main man of the UFC did not allow it.

Although he had previously allowed Conor McGregor the same, he decided not to give Ngannou a chance for the same. “I kind of feel like it was the Conor McGregor effect. Like, Conor made so much money from that boxing fight that they didn’t want to do it again so maybe they had some business reasons.

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason but I do know that from our side it would have been so easy and everyone would have been happy and we’d still be with the UFC today and Dana would be promoting this fight potentially”.

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