Arman Tsarukyan looks forward to fighting Beneil Dariush

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Arman Tsarukyan looks forward to fighting Beneil Dariush
Arman Tsarukyan looks forward to fighting Beneil Dariush

The emerging lightweight contender Arman Tsarukyan is ready to enter the next level in the competitive division; after securing a ruthless knockout victory against Joaquim Silva, Tsarukyan is now in the hunt for opponents from the top tier – however, one name that he has repeatedly mentioned is Beneil Dariush.

A few months back, when Charles Oliveira pulled out of the event against Beneil Dariush, Arman Tsarukyan stepped in hoping to serve as a replacement, and surprisingly Dariush agreed on fighting Tsarukyan but the UFC wasn’t really interested in entertaining that fight.

Beneil Dariush faced one of the toughest losses in his career, Oliveira snatched his dream of getting a title shot, and it will be interesting to see the steps Dariush decides to take next.

Arman Tsarukyan’s thoughts on fighting Beneil Dariush

Recently on Submission Radio, the lightweight contender shared his thoughts on fighting Beneil Dariush next and described what he is like as a person.

“It’s hard to find the opponent,” Tsarukyan said, as quoted by “But we have some guys who don’t care. We have one guy in our division who can fight with everybody – that’s Dariush.

So we’ll see. Maybe the UFC is going to make this fight. That fight makes sense. “For me, it’s a good step, and for me it doesn’t matter. I could fight with everybody in the top five – just give me any names and I’ll take it.

And the UFC knows that. I’m that fighter who can beat everybody". Tsarukyan describes Dariush: “Dariush, in the top 15, he’s the nicest guy, he’s a humble guy. I know him personally, and we trained once together.

We had lunch together, so I know him. He’s such a good guy. But this is sport, and he wants to fight with everybody – same as me. I know he’d take that fight with me because for him it makes sense because he lost his last fight”.