Deontay Wilder revealed the background story about his fight with Furry

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Deontay Wilder revealed the background story about his fight with Furry

Deontay Wilder is no longer quiet. After realizing that Tyson Fury was facing new challenges, the ‘Bronze Bomber’ broke the silence and commented on the latest developments on the boxing scene. The American knockout player publicly called out the man who took away his title and asked the 'Gypsy King' to honor the agreement and start the realization of their third meeting.

In his provocations, Wilder reminded the current WBC champion of how he kept his promise after their first meeting and then gave Fury a rematch, and now he expects him to return the 'favor' in the same way ... "You know I was offered more money to fight Joshua than I got for the match with you.

I was a man who kept his word. In the rematch we had a clause about a new encounter and now it's up to you to stick to yours." among other things, Wilder tweeted over the weekend. And Anthony Joshua didn't miss his messages either.

The British heavyweight, who holds the WBA (Super), IBF, WBO and IBO titles, has been under fire for years and under fire from accusations of avoiding a fight with Wilder, and this message proved that his team's offer was clearly financially correct, especially if is true that she surpassed the one Deontay agreed to for the match with Fury.

Joshua on their fight

"It's hard because then people were saying everything and it was all in the media, and when that's the case then some people start believing in the things that are being talked about. But over time, the truth always comes out," Joshua commented in an interview with Sky Sports .

"He admitted. We made him a lucrative offer, but he wanted to face Fury. So be it. If that was his wish, then fine. But he slandered my name. I had to deal with those blows as he tried to to portray him as a bad person, as someone who doesn't want good sports, who doesn't want fights with certain rivals."

"And now he said it all himself. We offered him a very good contract, but he wanted Fury. People can understand that anyway he will, but even now he will finally see what is true ", concluded 'AJ' Joshua will have Kubrat Pulev as his next opponent, and we will watch their match on December 12th.

If he wins that match, the famous Briton could finally meet Fury in the ring next year, in the fight to unite all the heavyweight titles. Of course, the precondition is that Tyson does not lose his belt by then.