Javier Mendez Calls for Epic Volkanovski vs. Makhachev Rematch

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Javier Mendez Calls for Epic Volkanovski vs. Makhachev Rematch
Javier Mendez Calls for Epic Volkanovski vs. Makhachev Rematch

Undeniably, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) often stages high-octane matches, yet there are certain bouts that fans universally crave. As it stands, one such anticipated rematch would feature Alexander Volkanovski and Islam Makhachev.

Their past encounters and unparalleled skills in the cage have left enthusiasts clamoring for more. The opportunity to witness these martial titans clash yet again would be an absolute thrill, a thrilling spectacle. In recent times, Volkanovski's martial prowess has continued to astonish spectators and opponents alike.

Most recently, at the UFC 290 event, he once again demonstrated his sheer dominance. Holding steadfast in his featherweight reign, Volkanovski defended his title for an impressive fifth time, cementing his formidable standing in the division.

Mendez Anticipates a Rematch

Javier Mendez, the celebrated trainer of Makhachev and the head of the esteemed American Kickboxing Academy (AKA), is among the many who yearn for a second clash between Makhachev and Volkanovski.

His anticipation stems from a deep-seated admiration for Volkanovski's ability to adapt and dominate in the cage. Reflecting on the most recent fight, Mendez voiced his admiration on his podcast, stating, “It was one of those fights where Alex proved how great he is by what he did.

He adjusted. He did something he normally doesn’t do. He was again outstruck on the range fighting, so he changed the script to being the wrestler, and he proved he could wrestle, also." Mendez’s anticipation for the rematch is underscored by his conviction in Makhachev's own prowess.

He optimistically concluded, "But somewhere down the line, we’re going to have to fight him again. I look forward to it because it’ll be a great fight, definitely after that performance”.

The Potential Challenge: Charles Oliveira

However, the landscape of UFC is dynamic, with other prominent contenders lurking on the horizon.

Mendez also remarked on the possible challenge presented by Charles "do Bronx" Oliveira. “Oliveira is talking about how he wants to fight in November or December,” Mendez said. “Well, he’s not going to get to decide when he fights for the title.

The UFC decides that. I believe that Islam’s scheduled on Oct. 21 because they need him for Abu Dhabi. I believe that’s 100 percent the fight that makes sense for Islam to stay there. Who the opponent is? I don’t know.

And it could be Oliveira still. Oliveira could say, ‘Never mind, I’ll fight him in Abu Dhabi.’ I don’t know”.

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