Stipe Miocic on Jon Jones Fight: "I’m Going To Come Out On Top

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Stipe Miocic on Jon Jones Fight: "I’m Going To Come Out On Top
Stipe Miocic on Jon Jones Fight: "I’m Going To Come Out On Top

It's official! The buzz has been making the rounds for months, and the time has finally come to confirm the rumors. In a spectacular turn of events, this November brings us one of the most anticipated UFC matches yet. A clash of titans, a heavyweight head-to-head: Stipe Miocic versus Jon Jones.

Whoever emerges victorious will indisputably be recognized as the greatest UFC heavyweight of all time.

"It’s the fight I want. It’s the fight he wants."

Prior whispers within the industry suggested Miocic's return to the ring was off the cards, and that Sergei Pavlovich was next in line to face Jones.

However, those speculations proved unfounded. Stipe Miocic, the acclaimed heavyweight, is set to make a much-anticipated comeback. His announcement came on the heels of the UFC 290 event, quashing any doubts about his return.

“I thought it was going to be July, but it didn’t happen that way,” Miocic candidly shared with UFC’s Megan Olivi during a backstage interview. He affirmed, “It’s Nov. 11. I’ve been waiting for this day.

It’s the fight I want. It’s the fight he wants. Nothing better”. On the stylistic compatibility between him and Jones, Miocic added, “I think it’s just the two styles – styles make matchups – we have two great styles to make electricity, a lot of fireworks.

I’m going to come out on top and show a lot of people that I deserve to be the heavyweight champ”.

The Underdog Rises: Stipe's Anticipated Return

Fans eagerly await Miocic's reentry into the octagon, and his face-off against Jones is set to be the climax of his illustrious career.

Despite skepticism from the bookies, Stipe has consistently proven his mettle in scenarios where he is underestimated, embodying the quintessential "underdog" narrative. Although the match is months away, it's impossible not to ponder the possibilities of this dream fight.

The clock ticks steadily toward the awaited day, yet for fans and fighters alike, it feels like an eternity. Four months separate us from what promises to be a historic event in UFC history. The palpable tension continues to build as we count down the days to this ultimate showdown: Stipe Miocic vs.

Jon Jones, a fight for the ages, a battle for the heavyweight crown. The world watches and waits in suspense, captivated by the promise of a thrilling spectacle.

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