Alexander Volkanovski Evaluates Du Plessis' Chances Against Whittaker


Alexander Volkanovski Evaluates Du Plessis' Chances Against Whittaker
Alexander Volkanovski Evaluates Du Plessis' Chances Against Whittaker

UFC 290 is set to entertain the fans with a flurry of impressive fights, none more captivating than the much-anticipated middleweight title eliminator match between Dricus Du Plessis and Robert Whittaker. Alongside two other belt fights, this showdown offers spectators the promise of a thrilling contest.

The stakes? The winner will earn the coveted opportunity to challenge for the championship belt.

Volkanovski Weighs In on the Du Plessis-Whittaker Clash

The odds might be stacked against Du Plessis, but Alexander Volkanovski, the reigning featherweight champion, isn't entirely discounting his chances.

Volkanovski, however, admitted that he can't see how Du Plessis could pose a significant threat to Whittaker, due to the latter's exceptional skills. Volkanovski elaborated on his views in a YouTube segment: “Look, man, obviously Izzy [Adesanya] wants new blood.

He definitely would like to see Dricus go out there and win, so that he could fight him. There would be a lot of hype if he [Du Plessis] was able to beat Robert Whittaker. But beating Robert Whittaker is not going to be easy for him.

He could be a great fighter, but Robert Whittaker is just too well rounded, he’s too good everywhere, and his skill set is gonna be too much." In his assessment, Volkanovski didn't mince words about the odds: “I think you’d be mad to think that Dricus can get it done.

It’s entertaining for an underdog to get a big win but not against someone like Robert Whittaker. He’s too smart, he’s too well rounded, and I think he’s gonna be way too much for Dricus."

Whittaker's Impressive UFC History

Robert Whittaker has a formidable record in the UFC's middleweight category.

Except for the losses to Israel Adesanya, who is currently the reigning middleweight champion, Whittaker's last defeat was against "Wonderboy" Thompson in 2014 when he was still competing at welterweight. Whittaker has since remained virtually unbeatable.

His sole losses in the middleweight division have been at the hands of Adesanya, whom he has faced twice. As Volkanovski succinctly summarized: “If they’re the next guys fighting for the title out of that fight, it’s going to have to be Rob.

I cannot see Rob losing that fight. He’s obviously unstoppable outside the Izzy fights. No one can get anywhere near him. That just shows you how good Robert Whittaker is”.

Alexander Volkanovski