Elves Brener: Pedy Pimblett is the fight I want

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Elves Brener: Pedy Pimblett is the fight I want
Elves Brener: Pedy Pimblett is the fight I want

Guram Kutateladze was KO'd in the third round by Elves Brener. Brener revealed his tactics after the match. A long time ago, Brener dreamed of winning this match, and last night he realized his dream. This level of success would not be possible without his team.

“I trained a lot for that to happen. It was the smell of blood. I was there and I just could – when I could smell blood, I just had to go for it. But I mean, the instructions (between rounds) were good. They told me exactly what I needed to do, and I just went for it.

I went to get it”. - he said. Elves Brener knew that he was facing a difficult opponent and a difficult task. However, his confidence is at its peak and he seems ready to fight anyone. “When I woke up this morning, I just knew that this fight was going to be a war.

I mean, he is a tough guy. He is into wars and he comes at you and he brings the war to you. I just decided to actually take the war to him."

Elves Brener and his future

This UFC fighter believes that even better and brighter times await him.

“(A post-fight bonus would be) a life changer for myself, especially coming back, coming from humble beginnings, and for my family. But you know what? It’s a start. A lot of good things are still about to happen”.

Many wonder what the future holds for Elves. According to him, Paddy Pimblett is his next target. It would be a really great fight between two top UFC fighters. “(I want to fight at UFC 230 in) Brazil. Everything (interests me about a Paddy Pimblett fight).

He is still undefeated in this organization, just like myself – 2-0. I just feel it’d be great to hit him”.