Glover Teixeira happy about Alex Pereira's decision!


Glover Teixeira happy about Alex Pereira's decision!
Glover Teixeira happy about Alex Pereira's decision!

Alex Pereira will be moving up to the light heavyweight division. The first opponent he will face there will be Jan Blachowicz and the fight is scheduled for July 29. It is worth noting that the legendary Glover Teixeira commented on Pereira's move and thought he made a great move.

Teixiera emphasized that cutting a lot of weight was not a good thing for Alex. “I like him going to light heavyweight,” Teixeira said, as quoted by “When he said he was going to light heavyweight, I was like, ‘I love it’ because I don’t want to see him cutting that much weight.

You don’t know how much that guy cuts. He’s 230 pounds right now and he’s lean." Teixeira was worried about his health, but this decision will change a lot. Pereira will have a chance to prove himself in the new division.

“He’s probably like 8 percent body fat. For him to drop to 185 is crazy – crazy, man. I cut weight. I don’t cut that much, but I know how hard it is and as you get older, it gets harder and harder. That eventually can be bad for your health, and I don’t want him to be in that position, so I’m glad”.

Glover Teixeira on Alex Pereira

Teixeira also commented on Pereira's opponent. He believes that Alex will conquer this division in the future and become a champion. “I think it’s a great matchup for Alex,” Teixeira said.

“I think Alex is going to take over the whole division. He’s going to be a champion again, in light heavyweight”. A victory over Blachowicz would probably also mean a fight between Pereira and Jamahal Hill, who is the current champion, to whom Teixeira lost.

“If everything goes to plan and Alex passes Jan, for sure I think Jamahal Hill would be an amazing fight for Alex,” Teixeira said. “And it would be nice to see him (get) revenge – nothing against Jamahal; he’s a great guy”. Source:

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