Dana White believes he made a mistake by allowing Anderson to fight

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Dana White believes he made a mistake by allowing Anderson to fight

After Anderson Silva failed to win against Uriah Hall even in his last UFC fight, but was defeated by a technical knockout in the fourth round, Dana White commented to reporters on everything that happened last week and on the day of the fight, as well as the fact that Silva said he wasn't yet sure if this was really his last performance.

But White also caught a sentence that appeared in the media this week, through which Silva said that the UFC itself has changed since the Fertitta brothers left, that is, since they sold Zuffa to the current owners of the promotion.

"I don't trust most reporters because I can't describe what questions they ask, but I know I usually read a lot of s*it. I read one of his statements this week that the UFC was like family while Lorenzo Fertitta was here."

"You know, we all miss Lorenzo and I'll always admit that he was the gentler side of the UFC, but I've always been good to Anderson Silva, and I don't feel very well today because I let him fight, we've always had only respect for him, and if you knew how much he was paid, you'd shit in your pants."

"We always treated him like family and that's why we shouldn't have let him fight." -Dana White told a news conference after the show. Immediately afterwards, he received a comment that Silva did not look bad, but that it was obvious that he was no longer able to receive blows and that he fell both times after Hall's fist sat well on his chin.

White disagreed, but even revealed that he thought Silva was lucky to be fighting Hall.

Uriah Hall

"Look, he fought Uriah Hall who did almost nothing. They were in the main fight at ESPN in five rounds, and they fired 11 punches in the second round.

If we had put him against any of these current killers, we wouldn't Uriah Hall didn't do it, and look what happened to Anderson." "After the fight was over he couldn't stand while he was giving the interview, he had to sit down."

"I did something I didn't agree with. I knew I was right and it was confirmed today. Anderson Silva should never fight again," he concluded. There’s another curiosity, and that is that Silva still has a one-fight deal with the UFC.

As White does not intend to contract it for him, he could legally defend his possible appearances in another promotion or sport for a while, if he so wishes. He was asked if he would be ready for Silva's good by doing so.

"He is a grown man and I have nothing to defend him. He has another fight with us, but I will never let him do it, I want him to retire. I hope his family will tell him that. I am in a difficult position because he is a legend, a man who has been with us for a long time and a man I care about." "I don't want to talk ugly about him, but no 46-year-old should fight anymore, "White said