Brandon Moreno: I’m asking UFC to please go to Mexico


Brandon Moreno: I’m asking UFC to please go to Mexico

Mexican fighters have been showing great things in the UFC lately. It is obvious that the leaders of this world organization will have to pay more attention to Mexico. When we think of that, of course, we are talking about hosting events in that country.

Brandon Moreno, certainly the most interesting and best Mexican within the UFC, commented on the potential arrival of the UFC in Mexico. He hopes that it could happen in the near future. “I think the UFC has resources to come back, and even Dana White said that he’s making a mistake by not taking advantage of the moment and not going to Mexico,” Moreno told MMA Junkie.

“As a fighter, not sure how to put it, but you have some kind of power or some sort of influence on the company. You best believe that I’ve spoken about it with people from the UFC brass, and they can’t really give a clear answer."

Brandon Moreno: I’m asking them to please go to Mexico

For now, Moreno is most focused on making progress within the company and being equally dominant in the coming months.

Brandon believes that all conditions exist for holding the event in his country. The UFC must take the next step. It is likely that such a decision would pay off for them and turn out to be one of the better ones. “But I do my part: I’m winning the fights, I have the title, and I’m asking them to please go to Mexico.

All that’s left to do is to wait for the UFC to get on board with the idea. I do believe they have all the tools, they have it all to go to Mexico. It would be really cool for that event to happen in the first half of next year.

But like I said, as an athlete, all I can do is keep fighting and winning my fights, and keep persistent with the interest of making it happen. Also, fingers crossed and staying positive that Yair (Rodriguez) and Alexa (Grasso) are going to keep doing excellent work”.

Brandon Moreno