Cris Cyborg 'disappointed' after Amanda Nunes' retirement

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Cris Cyborg 'disappointed' after Amanda Nunes' retirement
Cris Cyborg 'disappointed' after Amanda Nunes' retirement

The big star of the UFC scene, Amanda Nunes, has decided to retire from fighting. There are many people who were surprised to hear this news, as they expected Nunes to continue to dominate the sport for many years to come. Nunes announced her retirement after retaining her bantamweight title against Irene Aldana.

Her former opponent, Cris Cyborg, is not surprised by Amanda's decision. She understands that Nunes has changed some of his priorities in life in recent months, so this decision was not unexpected. “I’m not surprised,” -Cyborg said on her YouTube channel as quoted by “I think she’s been fighting for a long time.

I know she has a wife, a kid, and one kid on the way. So, she’s just been fighting for a long time and has a new chapter in her life and she’s very excited. I’m not surprised”.

Cris Cyborg: The right word I think is disappointed

Cyborg is angry that she won't have a chance at a rematch.

She wanted to fight Nunes, and that was her goal for a long time. Cyborg wasn't the only one who wanted that fight. Many UFC fans hoped that there would be a rematch between these two great fighters. However, Cyborg will have to think about other options after all.

“I don’t want to say upset, but the right word I think is disappointed,” Cyborg said of Nunes. “I had one goal in my heart to make the rematch before I retire or she retires. I think a lot of fans were asking for this too.

Even Julianna Peña, you see a lot of people say, ‘Oh you left before the third fight.’ But after we fought, I was 14 years undefeated. I think the rematch was gonna be great, but now I don’t know”. Cyborg will change plans.

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