Firas Zahabi does not want to return his fighter to the ring

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Firas Zahabi does not want to return his fighter to the ring

The media do not seem to have fully accepted Khabib Nurmagomedov's decision to retire, and apparently neither has Dana White, who said he believes the lightweight champion was emotionally affected and could return for another fight.

It has been said since before that his opponent, through whom he would catch 30-0, should be Georges St-Pierre. The great Canadian is one of the greatest fighters of all time, but he has also done one fight in the last seven years.

The one in which he defeated Michael Bisping in 2017 for the UFC middleweight title. Still, he has repeatedly said he could be interested in fighting Khabib, if the terms of all three sides match. Those of his, his opponent and of course the UFC, who would have to bless and organize it.

It is interesting for this reason to hear the attitude of the man who has led St-Pierre through almost his entire career, coach Firas Zahabi. He is not only a coach to Georges but also a great friend, and he has a very firm and unquestionable position on the mentioned fight.

Zahabi on fight

"Listen, Khabib is retired, Georges is retired. I'd be happy to stay that way. Khabib said he wants to be free like an eagle now. What would be my move now to launch a petition online and try to get it back? Never I would do it.

Both of them, Khabib and Goerges, deserved their retirement, "Zahabi told BloodyElbow. Even if the fight gets closer and depends on whether his fighter agrees to it or not, Zahabi has no intention of interfering. His job would start only if the fight was arranged and he got his date, and automatically the beginning of preparations.

"I don't want to get too involved in it or get into a situation where I call Georges and persuade him to leave the film set he's on. To leave all his projects, family and private life and go back to training camp.

I don't have the heart either ask him something like that." "That's what he should do absolutely alone. I don't think any of us should ask them if they want to come back or persuade them. It has to be just their decision, they have to sincerely want it, "the chief concluded.

coach Tristar Gyma in Montreal and one of the most respected people in MMA in general. Most believe that the chances are too small for something like this to happen because Nurmagomedov looks like a solid character who will not just easily break his words. Especially if we consider the promise he made to his father but also to his mother